Windsor Thumb Back Youth Chair
a nice early youth chair with double stretchers for stability and a woven seat in excellent condition--19th c
30" h
$ 700.00
Milking Stool
sturdy farm piece--appears to have the letter A branded in top in two spots
9 1/2 diam seat x 11" h
$ 225.00
fancy Painted Youth Chair
nice, sturdy fancy youth char--drawn curtains on back rest feature rosemalling style roses--nice striping and highlights on legs spools, and armrests--more roses at front of seat--all on brown paint
36" high
$ 675.00
Early Cradle
beautiful grain painting in the mustard yellow paint with cranberry red trim--all original--graceful rockers and 2 unusual ceramic knobs added to each side (later probably to secure bedding)--a real beauty, if you like paint--19th c.
41"long--21" width--20" high
$ 600.00
Potty Seat
this early straight backed wooden potty seat has its original grey paint and a hole for the collection pot--19th c
22" high x 11" w x 10" d
$ 650.00
Pine Stool
very delicate--thin legs with decorative scribe lines--quite possibly shaker--certainly has the look--snall knothole on top--legs splay out from top measurements
14 1/2" l x 5 1/2" w x 9" h
$ 325.00
Wooden Footstool
gracefilly carved top-sides-apron and legs
7" w x 13" l x 7" h
$ 230.00
Milking Stool
three legged farm milking stool--unusual to see the rectangular rather than the round top--large forged iron bolt through center apron of top
13 1/2" l x 6" w x 11" h
$ 299.00
Pine Box
19th c pine box with iron hinges and clasp--unusual bentwood rounded corners and wooden lacing where sides lap
18" x 14" x 10" high
$ 400.00


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