Navajo Turquoise Ring
a very unusual color turquoise--almost blue with a matrix running through the stone that gives the appearance of lichen
2" wide
$ 220.00
Navajo Oendant
center turquoise surrounded by coral stones
1 1/4" wide
$ 210.00
Turquoise Bracelet
large central stone surrounded on each side by two smaller stones--from Morenci mine
1 1/4" central turquoise
$ 700.00
Indian Figurine
made in Japan--OKADA CHINA
5 1/4" tall
$ 40.00
Navajo Bracelet
lery large silver and turquoise bracelet--large cabachon turquoise
#" across x 1 1/8" wide
$ 250.00
Navajo Childs Bracelet
three oval turquoise stones surrounded by heavy beading--etched arrow designs on side--c 1920
2/3" high
$ 425.00
Concha Belt
Coral pieces -silver beads and fine thin roping within each concha--each two inches wide and one and a half high--twelve conchas in all
60" long belt
$ 900.00
Navajo Necklace
rare spider web turquoise from the #8 mine--pendant measures three and one quarted inches long--and hangs from a necklace of hand made beads
3 1/4" long pendant
$ 600.00
Navajo Cross
a huge Navajo made cross and chain--the cross has etched designs of sunrises at several places
4 3/4" cross
$ 280.00
Navajo Obsidian Bracelet
the large snowflake obsidian stone in the center of this bracelet is knockout beautiful
stone 1 3/4" h
$ 550.00
Concha Belt
Navajo Concha Belt with ten conchas each three inches wide and thwo and a quarter inched deep--each concha encrusted with turquoise oval shaped stones and silver beads--there is a rope and etched frame surrounding each one
belt 46" long
$ 1,800.00
Navajo Turquoise Necklace
unusually large heishi beads and turquoise nuggets--three strands
hangs 15"
$ 240.00
Navajo Childs Bracelet
dimuative childs link bracelet--5 links with turquoise stones and additional stone on lock
6 1/2" long
$ 320.00
Navajo Turquoise Ring
pillow cut turquoise set with four beads ib each side
1 1/2" wide
$ 175.00
Lead Indian
painted lead indian brave holding a rifle
3 1/2" tall
$ 38.00
Turquoise Ring
oval shaped stone set with a band that splits into three fingers ending with beads
2" wide
$ 98.00
Zuni Pin
Zuni petit point turquoise corn symbal pin--has loop at top so can be worn on a necklace as well
3 1/2" long
$ 325.00
Petrified Wood Ring
large polished piece of petrified wood
1 1/4" wide
$ 300.00
Zuni Pin
Zuni petit point turquoise corn symbal pin--has loop at top so can be worn on a necklace as well
3 1/2" long
$ 400.00
Navajo Silver Bracelet
5 strands of twisted wire silver separated by 6 rows of etched silver bands--a nice heavy piece
1 3/4" h
$ 550.00
Navajo Petrified Wood Bracelet
during the war when the copper mines were not running at full capacity the native american used petrified wood as a substitute for turquoise in their jewelry--this bracelet features a beautiful square cut center piece
3/4" + wide
$ 360.00
Turquoise Bracelet
number 8 mine turquoise--feather and bead designs on side
1 1/4" oval turquoise
$ 700.00
Zuni Earrings
Zuni needlepoint turquoise ladder earrings with delicate silver tails
3" long
$ 320.00
Navajo Ring
Stunning very large Navajo ring--elongated pear shaped center turquoise surrounded by 19 round turquoise stones and an outer circle of 29 pear shaped stones
2" long
$ 600.00
Clamshell Heishi Necklace
10 strand clamshell heishi necklace from Santo Domingo Pueblo--off white heishi intersperced with turquoise beads
27" in circumference
$ 1,600.00
Butterfly Pin
diminuative sized with nice head wing and tail etching
1 1/2" wide
$ 130.00
Navajo Pin
Navajo cluster pin--41 stones
2 1/8" long
$ 200.00
Spider Pin
small Navajo silver and turquoise spider pin with nice etching on body
1 1/2" long
$ 164.00
Turquoise Ring
Navajo Ring--natural form stone--c 1940
1" wide
$ 260.00
Navajo Bracelet
turquoise center stone surrounded by a coral on each side-SOLD
1/2" wide at stones
$ 0.00
Cricket Pin
Navajo cricket pin with turquoise eyes--8 grams of silver
1 3/4" l x 1/2" w
$ 300.00
Navajo Ring
large center turquoise stone with side bead detail--the turquoise is one inch long
1" l turquoise
$ 300.00
Navajo Butterfly Pin
very large example of a butterfly pin--nice detail
2 3/4" long
$ 275.00
Navajo Ring
large piece of naturally shaped turquoise with bead detail on right side of setting
1 1/4" wide
$ 150.00
Seed Pot
Acoma seed pot--signed P LENO-ACOMA
4" h x 4 1/2" diam
$ 200.00
Butterfly Pin
all silver nicely three dimensional pin--large amount of decorative tooling
3" long
$ 325.00
Butterfly Pin
very large beautifully and extensively tooled and etched design with one oval turquoise
3 1/8"long
$ 475.00
Sky stone and Silver
the bible of collecting native American jewelry--by Carl Roswell and Joseph Stacey-large amounts of colored photography and well researched history--165 pages--. c. 1976
9 1/2" x 12"
$ 145.00
Navajo Bracelet
Five half round silver bands come together at the center with a fabulous piece of very large turquiose
2 1/3 " h at center
$ 900.00
Coin Silver Bracelet
Liberty 1943 half dollar and mercury head dimes
$ 320.00
Turquoise and Heishi necklace
large turquoise chunks with heishi beads between
32" end to end
$ 340.00
Navajo Turquoise Bracelet
signed P J BEGAY--38 beautiful turquoise cabochans--an amazing collectors piece
3 1/8" high at center
$ 1,400.00
Navajo Heishi Necklace
ten strand heisting necklace with squaw wrap--heisting beads twice as large as beads on other heishi necklace on this website
34" circumference
$ 1,600.00
Navajo Concho Belt
ten huge conchos on this magnificent Navajo belt.--signed I C
3" long conchos
$ 1,900.00


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