Pair of Silhouettes
husband and wife--nice detail especially on wife with bronzing on intricate hairdo and cap
5" x 5 3/4"
$ 450.00
Watercolor of a Belle
this civil war era watercolor of a lovely, feminine young lady holding a bird is housed in a grain painted antique frame with original glass
15 1/2" h x 14"
$ 900.00
Herbert J Gute
a lovely watercolor of a lighthouse
19" x 25
$ 1,200.00
Tugboat Painting
Oil on canvas painting of a tugboat with city skyline in distance--signed G. F. 1917- newer tiger maple frame
11" x 16"
$ 860.00
Boy and Ice Cream Shop
Gouache painting of young boy about to enter the ice cream parlour--aqbout 1920-30 judging from the boys clothing and the original frame--by listed artist H J Soule
20" x 26"
$ 800.00
Family Silhouette
beautifully and skillfully cut by August Edouart--father stands just 1 1/2\" high with seated mother and baby--history MR AND MRS JAS. TRAY AND BABY RATHBO--baby would be Margaret Bethune
5 1/2" x 6 3/4"
$ 350.00
Pair of Silhouettes
appears to be a couple--woman is wearing a very detailed bonnet and fringed shawl--19th c--original gilt frames
5 1/2" x 4 3/4"
$ 650.00
Silhouette of Young Girl
a full-bodied silhouette of a young girl holding a book (perhaps to demonstrate her love of reading)--bronzed highlights--early maple frame
5 4/8" x 8 4/8"
$ 600.00
Silhouette of Lady in Bonnet
a very unusual cut silhouette using brown paper and black paper with highlights in watercolor and ink--bonnet is pin-pricker for texture--identified uncerneath as grandmother, identified on back as Catherine WSharton Custis Poulson--signed R W Parker
9" x 13"
$ 400.00
Catboat Painting
a canvas painting of a catboat with dingy tethered to it by W G Dow II--in antique frame
13 1/2" wide x 14 1/2" tall
$ 500.00
English Racing Lithograph
a hand colored English lithograph titled RACE FOR THE GREAT ST LEGER STAKES 1836--Anticipation. Who is the Winner?
24" x 30"
$ 1,200.00
Victorian Silhouette
a stout gentleman reading to a young boy--a common subject for Victorian silhouettes--in antique roaewood frame--SOLD
10" x 11 1/2"
$ 0.00
Silhouette of Girl
a young girl with heavily bronzed hairdo with long pipe curls--in antique lemon yellow gold frame
4 3/4" x 6"
$ 325.00
Silhouette of Children at the Beach
the three Shaw children at the beach in Southbourne on Sea August 1889--Maggie Shaw holds a shovel-Guy Shaw holds a pail-Godfrey Shaw holds a sailboat--sepia watercolor wash background faintly suggesting a sand dune at the right and the rippled sea at the feet of the children--in an antique burl frame
11" x 13 1/2"
$ 1,400.00
Antique Fox Print
SLY BOOTS by William Spooner London 1846
23" x 24"
$ 450.00
Framed French Fashion Plate
dated November 1897--a bride with her flower girl and bridesmaid--from Revue des Modes Parisienne--archivally matted and ewlegantly framed
17" x 23"
$ 410.00
Silhouette of Boy
a 19th century silhouette of a young boy holding his rather elaborate hat--antique birds eye maple frame
12.5" high x 11" wide
$ 800.00
Silhouette of Girl
cut silhouette of a little girl holding a posie--the antique frame is gold leaf
7" x 9 3/4"
$ 800.00
sIlhouette of Boy and Girl
a charming silhouette of a young boy holding a book with a younger girl holding her doll--in an antique tiger maple frame
8" X 10"
$ 750.00
sIlhouette of a Family
a mother holding her baby with two other children nearby--framed in an antique tiger maple frame
11" X 13"
$ 1,200.00
Hunt Print
early hunt print published in London in 1823--GOING TO HUNT-AN EASY JOB
18 1/2" x 21 1/2"
$ 450.00
Hunt Print
companion print to EASY JOB--this one titles GOING HOME-APOLOGIZING FOR DAMAGE DONE
18 12" x 21 1/2"
$ 450.00
Antique Fox Hunt Painting
an oil on canvas of a fox hunt with the pack of hounds-master-huntsman-and whipper in--English--signed Andrew Ayers in original tiger maple frame
16 1/2" x 14 1/2"
$ 1,900.00
Clement Drew
oil on board painting of a ship on a rough sea--attributed to Clement Drew--original gilt frame
18" x 20"
$ 950.00
Silhouette of Naval Officer
W W Morris Lieut H M S Penelope 1846
8 1/2" x 12"
$ 500.00
British Silhouette Artists and Their Wor
1st edition hardcover of this hard-to-find reference book in near pristine condition written by Sue McKechnie. 798 pages
9" x 12"
$ 200.00


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