Canvas Water Wings
a hillarious early contraption--these Ayvads water wings promise to hold up the swimmer--up to 250 lbs--directions: blow up so air bubbles are distributed all over--place under waist NOT under arms--lithographed photo of swimer
30" across
$ 90.00
Canvass Beach Screen
early brightly striped canvas fabric is fastener to 4 wooden poles with brass upholstery type tacks--one end of stick is pointed the other capped with metal--as practical today as it was in 1940
80" wide x 58" high
$ 245.00
Lifeguard Illustration
from Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper--c 1889--graphic illustration of a lifeguard rescuing a child--titled SAVED
22" x 28"
$ 375.00
Sand Pail
by T Cohn--cows blowing bubbles
8 1/2" w handle
$ 78.00
Antique Sand Pail
early nursery rhyme sandpail--TO MARKET!, TO MARKET TO BUY A FAT PIG--black painted handle-- virtually rust-free
8 3/4" h
$ 200.00
Antique Sand Shovels
painted sheet metal for serious digging--the pair
12" 14"
$ 60.00
Sand Pail
Hunpty Dumpty by Ohio Art
11" h w handle
$ 50.00
vintage Sand Shovels
wooden handles and Shirley Temple-like girls--the pair
10 12" l
$ 80.00
Sand Pail
Seahorse on bright red background by Ohio Art
8 1/2" w handle
$ 86.00
Sand Pail
scuba divers by Ohio Art
7 1/2" h
$ 70.00
Sand Pail
Ohio Art psychedelic design sandpail--very 70s
101/2" h w handle
$ 50.00
Sand Toy
water pump sand toy with firemen images--by Ohio Art--designed by BHK Benjamin
10" t
$ 150.00
Wool Swimsuit
early men's two-piece charcoal grey swimsuit--excellent condition no moth holes
top 30"-trunks 19"
$ 220.00
Sand Pail
astronaut sandpail by Ohio Art c 1070
8 1/2" h
$ 140.00
Sand Pail
by J Chein--ROUNDUP sandpail with cowboys and steer and Indians and buffLo
11" h w handle
$ 70.00
Sand Pail
marked Ohio Art 117- children riding carousell
10" h w handle
$ 70.00
Sand Pail
graphics of a toucan and other exotic birds--by Ohio Art
9" w handle
$ 80.00
Vintage Sand Pail
unmarked smaller sandpail graphs of children playing in the water with the sun shining
7" w handle
$ 60.00


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