Grenfell Mat
winter scene with hunter-his gun-his dog and cabin in background
14 1/2 x 18 3/4
$ 380.00
Grain Sack
linen grain sack--cranberry colored stripes--two available priced individually
20" x 45"
$ 140.00
Glass Darner
molded glass darning egg--pale blue green color
5 1/2 long
$ 80.00
Fancy Redwork Towel
this piece has everything you could want in a fancy towel--beautiful long fringes-redwork-drawnwork--all on beautiful old linen--extra long--would be lovely down the center of a farm table
60" long x 22" wide
$ 120.00
Cat Tongue Rug
an unusual combination of folky cat tongue b order-crazy quilt center-on burlap and mounted on a stretcher--signed ETURNEAU
23" x 50"
$ 300.00
Mans Shoe Pincushion
mans oxford shoe pincushion--great detail--made in Japan incised on bottom of shoe--silver paint--SOLD
4 3/4" l x 2" h
$ 0.00
Shoe Pincushion
brass shoe pincushion
3 1/4" long
$ 140.00
Grain Sackl
linen-flax long grain sack-great for long pillows or bench cushions-monogrammed in indigo A V and dated 1911
20" x 45"
$ 150.00
Red Work Laundry Bag
small laundry bag--red work on early linen tea towel with fringe spells LAUNDRY--very few lost redwork stitches which would be an easy repair--drawstring ribbon has some wear
15" x 21
$ 85.00
Wooden Knitting Needles
a collection of wooden knitting needles with one extra extra large pair
x lg pr 16 1/2" long
$ 100.00
Homespun Pillow Cover
small navy blue and white checked homespun pillow case with ties for closure
22" x 26"
$ 120.00
Quilted Cats
a cat and her kitten made from pieces of antique quilt--the pair
10" and 14" h
$ 90.00
Sewing Basket
dark basket decorated with old Chinese glass beads and ring and old coins and silk tassel
6" diam x 2" high
$ 80.00
small wooden swift
7" high
$ 80.00
Chicago Exposition Pincushion
Womans high heel shoe pincushion in pewter--on bottom SOUVINER OF WORLDS EXPOSITION CHICAGO ILLINOIS
4 1/4" l X 2" h
$ 200.00
Cat Tongue Rug
round folky old cat tongue felted wool rug with embroidery and raised fabric flowers in the center--excellent condition
48" diameter
$ 730.00
Wool Needlework
this unusual and highly visual piece of needlework is done on black velvet--the embroidery is executed in many layers raising the leafs and especially the flowers about one inch--SOLD
20" x 21
$ 0.00
Black Boy Pincushin
a little black doll with a flowered shirt and felt pointed hat holds the pincushin
6" tall sitting
$ 145.00
Needlepoint Rug
elegant colorful flowered needlepoint rug pristine condition
23" 3 34"
$ 900.00
Niddy Noddy
early pine niddy-noddy
19" long
$ 125.00
Needlework Mat
I don\'t know if this is knit or crochet but the work is tight and the yarn appears to be heavy synthetic--rea and green with alternating tassle around edge--perfect for Christmas--two available
24" across
$ 90.00
Yarn Winder
six spoked yarn winder--pine
17" wide
$ 150.00
Homespun Cover
navy and white homespun featherbed cover--excellent condition
48" x 82
$ 210.00
Linen Runner
hand lomed heavy linen sun we in herringbone weave with lovely blue stripe done center--perfect for a long table
9 yards x 16"
$ 300.00
Vintage linen Roll
never used linenrunner roll with red stripe on each edge
24" wide x 32 yards
$ 400.00
Homespun Pillow Cover
plaid pattern in red camel color and white--button closure--perfect for large sham
30" x 30"
$ 58.00
Featherbed Cover
featherbed cover in lovely blue plaid--fabric covered button closure--from Austria
60" x 68"
$ 180.00
Raphael Tuck
a linen twill piece with Raphael Tuck appliqués of nursery rhymes--several appliqués bear the mark Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen
33" x 50"
$ 260.00
Duvet Cover
either for a child's featherbed or a large pillow--homespun in rose white and blue--button closure
34" x 36"
$ 70.00
Homespun Pillow Cover
dark navy blue and white check linen
19" x 32"
$ 60.00
Homespun Pillow Cover
early homespun in dark blue and white plaid design--signed S R in crosstitch--button closure
29" x 32
$ 70.00
Redwork Coverlet
white cotton with large ruffle--many redwork fans with names of friends embroidered within
80" x 80"
$ 300.00
Hooked Pad
hooked chair pad with church
$ 70.00
Linen Tassels
three decorative linen tassels--a pair and a single--priced individually
8" and 10"
$ 38.00
Chair Pad
knit chair pad in multi colors--a make-do with leftover yarn--SOLD
$ 0.00
Loomed Linen Runner
a long piece of loomed linen with red and blue stripes and fringe
48" x 24
$ 40.00
Knitted Mat
knitted checkerboard mat in bright red and olive green--two very tiny moth nibbles
6 3/4" long
$ 86.00
Needlepoint Canvass
finished design of flowers and birds. ready to needlepoint or bargello the background
36" x 52"-17" x 34" design area
$ 160.00
Hooked Rug
"...and the lion shall lie down with the lamb"--finished never used hooked rug just needs binding and backing--beautifully worked--very folky
24" h x 26" w
$ 500.00
Ticking Covered Pillow
early blue and white ticking stripe covered pillow
18" x 24"
$ 50.00
Homespun Duvet Cover
homespun featherbed cover in homespun plaid tan navy and red--monogrammed on back side E F
58" x 58"
$ 120.00
Homespun Sham Cover
tan red and blue homespun plaid--beautiful large monogram E on back side--see matching duvet cover
27" x 36
$ 72.00
Linen Runner
this length of beige linen with blue stripes along both sides would make a very nice tablecloth on a farm or trestle table
35" x 116"
$ 120.00
Early Ticking
a length of red white and blue striped ticking--probably a cover for a featherbed--still sewn on two sides but can be easily opened for larger piece--no stIns
30" x 72"
$ 200.00
Linen Towels
four beautiful loomed linen towels from Austria in beige red and taupe
36" x 40"- 16"x 32" (3)
$ 140.00
Fancy Towels
beautiful trousseau quality fancy towels with cutwork drawnwork and beautiful knotted fringe--the pair
20" x 44"
$ 90.00
Hooked Mat
lighthouse and sailboat by Cynthia Gallant Simpson
15" x 15"
$ 140.00
Braided Chair Pad
multicolored braided chair or table pad
15 3/4" d
$ 46.00
Pincushion Collection
I can never decide whether these are supposed to be tomatoes or strawberries--the little attached pieces on some of them that hold the sand for sharpening needles look more like strawberries--collection of 9-
largest 3 1/2" d
$ 70.00
Velvet Pincushions
two pears and an eggplant Victorian velvet pincushions
3 1/2"-5"-5 1/2"
$ 160.00
Velvet Pincushions
green heart and salmon with cording hanger
4 1/2"
$ 60.00
Butterfly Pen Wipe
felted embroidered wool tip and three pages of fabric wipes behind
5" h x 7"w
$ 155.00
Chinese Men Pincushions
three pincushions with a circle of Chinese men around the edge--1 pin box with chinese men around the end-4 pieces
box 4 1/2"
$ 150.00
Pincushion and Strawberry
an early tomato pincushion and an early sand filled needle sharpening strawberry
2 1/2"
$ 40.00
Moccasin Pin Cushion
beaded soft leather moccasin pincushion
2 3/4"
$ 80.00
Button Box
homemade silk over cardboard three-piece box--springs open when squeezed
5" long
$ 46.00
long home-made pincushion in purple and rose velvet--stuffed with straw
11" long
$ 46.00
Queen Darner
wooden darker with a removable metal band to stretch and hold sock firmly in place
4 1/4" high
$ 30.00
Sewing Needlepoint
needlepoint project ready to finish into sewing or knitting bag--all needlepoint finished with design of pincushion-scissors-tape-thread and needles
16" widest part
$ 60.00
Hem Measure
old fashioned-but very effective--the Bocu Skirt Marker has an iron base-wooden stick measure-chalk jar-rubber bulb
32" high
$ 60.00
Antique Hooked Rig
geometric circles in souter shades of blue gold and rose--no holesor fraying
22" x 40"
$ 300.00
Antique Sewing Scissors
three pair of beautiful sewing scissors in fitted case--gold washed handles-marked TRIDENT CUTLRY CO GERMANY
5 3/4" longest pair
$ 250.00


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