Monumental Nantucket Basket
large bushel work basket with carved heart-shaped handle--carved to fit around the rim then woven into the body-- interior base branded C G GARDNER referring to the maker George C Gardner -1809-1889. Basket is woven with thick rattan weavers over flat staves, flat rim with double lashing--original condition--museum quality
20" diam top x 13" h
$ 3,500.00
Tony Sarg Blocks
musical blocks by the famous puppeteer and artist Tony Sarg--box has some wear but blocks are in excellent condition
set of 8
$ 160.00
Tony Sarg Circus
framed piece of Tony Sarg Circus Parade fabric--printed identification runs along left side
10" x 21"
$ 260.00
Tony Sarg Cocktail Napkins Fabric
24 different and amusing images on this fabric meant for cocktail napkins or coasters. would be great frames
5" x 7" napkin size
$ 125.00
Nantucket Old Mill Plate
by Wedgewood--c 1900--rose border
9 1/4"
$ 325.00
Tony Sarg Tin
with Pennsylvania Dutch-like designs and the title CountryHouse
10 1/2" x 5" high
$ 90.00
Sargs Magic Movie Book
this 1943 copy is complete with two pair of Uncle Ben Jay\'s Magic Lens glasses--excellent condition
9" x 111/2"
$ 250.00
Tony Sarg Tablecloth
1939 Worlds Fair New York printed tablecloth designed by Tony Sarg--excellent condition--no stains or wear at all--SOLD
41" x 45"
$ 0.00
Tony Sarg Baby Book
in pristine, unused condition with the original box--each page another wonderful illustration by Sarg--c. 1947
7" x 11"
$ 128.00
Letter N
large wooden gold painted letter N--a nice old one
18" high
$ 350.00
Sylvaro Nantucket Basket
by Ferdinand Sylvaro who worked between 1895-1920 at 97 Orange Street--label on bottom--perfect condition
9" diam x 4" h
$ 1,800.00
Tony Sarg Box
a couple horseback riding across top of wooden box--signed TONY SARG in little box with a puppet image--diamond shape in front with a hunter inside
14" x 6" x 3" h
$ 400.00
Tony Sarg Tablecloth
Pennsylvania Dutch couple in center surrounded by folk art decoration
35" x 35
$ 125.00
Ferdinand Sylvaro Nantucket Basket
A wonderful Sylvaro basket in perfect unrestored condition with lovely golden patina--there is a signed label and incised history on the bottom--dated January 1944
10 1/2, diam x 8" h w o handle
$ 2,400.00
Tony Sarg Tin
a couple in their horse-drawn carriage bearing the legend ON A SUNDAY AFTERNOON--small dent on bottom rim
10 1/2" across
$ 80.00
Tony Sarg Tin
Country House--similar to another listed in this section but this one has a red bottom and is not as tall
10" x 3"
$ 60.00
Nantucket Basket
dated 1985--signature looks like W Zeland--no damage and nice patina
10" ear to ear x4" high
$ 750.00
Matchbook Cover
silver plated hammered surface with raised plate SOUVINER OF NANTUCKET MASS
2 1/4" x 1 2/3"
$ 90.00
Tony Sarg Napkins
eight finished cocktail napkins in their original box--circus themed
6" x 7 3/4"
$ 80.00
Tony Sarg Apron
cottage and buggy
19" long
$ 90.00
Tony Sarge Book
All About David illustrated by Tony Sarg in 1940
6 1/2" x 9"
$ 78.00
Tony Sarg Savings Book
c 1946 in excellent condition--illustrations have room to insert coins for saving (there are some old nickels and pennies in some of the spaces)
9 x 11 1/2"
$ 150.00
Tony Sarg Book
Magic Movie Book with moving paper wheels on each page that change the images--comes with two pair of 3-D glasses tucked in front cover pocket
9" x 11"
$ 280.00
Nantucket Basket
by Irving H Burnside--branded with his make on bottom IHB and a whale--late 20th c--contrasting dark stained hardwood uprights base and rim--measurement with handle upright
14" h x 10 1/2" diam
$ 1,000.00
Nantucket Basket
swing handled basket with wooden ears--nice patina
11" h x 9" diam
$ 860.00
Nantucket Basket
unsigned swing handled basket with brass plate affixed to top of handle--copper ears
13" h x 11 1/2" diam
$ 1,100.00


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