W W I Poster
General Pershing with children in this WSS-War Savings Stamps poster--reads HELP HIM WIN BY SAVING AND SERVING
20" x 30"
$ 800.00
Libertys Victorious Conflict
hard cover patriotic W W I book--a photographic history of the world war--published by the Magazine Circulation Co publisher of Womans Weekly--Chicago--c 1918--128 pages
11" x 14"
$ 90.00
45 Star Flag
Framed 45 star parade flag with the dancing stars pattern
27" x 17"
$ 625.00
Early Patriotic Doll
cloth stuffed and wearing organdy patriotic dress--c. 1930--tag reads: A Blossom Doll Creation--My Name is Faith
11 1/2" tall
$ 190.00
48 Star Parade Flag
48 star parade flag on stick--printed cotton--2 available priced individually
(' x 13"
$ 90.00
Ration Book Flag and Buttons
a patriotic collage with a ration book--buy bonds buttons--and a patriotic flag
13" x 14"
$ 400.00
Eagle Snow Birds
a pair of cast iron white painted eagles used to prevent snow from sliding off of roofs--slightly different bases but same eagle casting--
5" h x 6 1/2" w
$ 225.00
Patriotic Eagle Sandpail
by toymaker Ohio Art--eagles, stars, patriotic shield, all on a bright red background--surface rust in interior but excellent condition outside
7" high
$ 90.00
Patriotic Corn
paper mache corn favor with flag emerging from the top--probably an election memento--framed in shadowbox
8" x 14"
$ 300.00
patriotic Shield
cardboard. And Paper shield with thirteen starstwo available-priced individually
13" wide x 14 3/4,
$ 60.00
Cavalry Bugle
copper and brass--displays beautifully with old flags
11" high
$ 260.00
Carved Eagle
a beautifully hand carved eagle (ask for closeups) in mahagony--early 20th century--part of my personal collection--wingspan is 56 inches and it is 26 inches high--a real beauty!
56" x 26"
$ 2,800.00
Parade Parasol
red white and blue parade parasol--looks to be made of parachute material--bamboo handle--label inside says MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN. no tears
20" long
$ 160.00
STate Fair Coverlet
a summer weight coverlet made up entirely of red white and blue ribbons won at the Crawford County Fair in Pennsylvania
40" x 60"
$ 400.00
Remember the Maine Plate
commemorative painted China plate by E B & Co--a center rectangle with the U.S. Maine destroyed in Havana Harbor February 15 1898--an American eagle above the ship and a patriotic shield under
8 1/2" diam
$ 180.00
W W I Allies Plate
by K T & K China--Old Glory and Her Allies--a commemorative plate from W W I
9 1/4" diam
$ 100.00
Eagle and Flag Feather Picture
this great eagle and flag picture is made entirely of feathers on a dark background--there is a note on the back indicating that it was a gift in 1920-made in Europe- and thr recipients name
14" x 20"
$ 550.00
Patriotic Harness Rosette
this wonderful rosette featuring the eagle and flag has a domed glass top--a pon back has been soldered to the back--brass setting
1 3/4" wide
$ 175.00
Flagpole Top Eagle
Beautifully crafted lead eagle with spread wings for top of flagpole
5" wingspan x 5" high
$ 95.00
Patriotic Silk Pouch
white silk pocketbook type envelope with white cord and tassle and embroidered panel on front in red white and blue--with draped flags--message says NATIONS PRIDE--U S ARMY
6" x 9 1'2"
$ 135.00
Silk Patriotic Pouch
an army olive green silk souvenir pouch with a navy blue embroidered star in a red window and the message I LOVE YOU-U S COAST ARTILLERY--the interior has a 48 star flag--W W II
9 1/2" x 13"
$ 75.00
Marching Band Drum
brass drum-wooden rims-rope and leather--c 1920
154 1/2" diam x 11" high
$ 460.00
Folding Seat
ingenious compact folding seat with canvas red white and blue seat
11" high x 12" long x 6" wide
$ 110.00
Iron Floor Flag Holder
heavy black painted cast iron flag holder--intricate cast design--
7" between base legs-5 1/2" high at center
$ 170.00
W W 1 Poster
By illustrator James Montgomery Flagg--shows a shipbuilder a sailor and a soldier with the legend TOGETHER WE WIN
31" x 41"
$ 1,600.00
Eagle Sandpail
eagle sandpail by Ohio Art in harder-to-find gold color--same pail as red eagle pail on this website
7" high
$ 90.00
W W II Picture Frame
this painted cast iron frame has an army green-brown background with crossed rifles at the bottom and bugles drum and flags at the top--an eagle sits atop the flags
6 1/4" x 9"
$ 220.00
Patriotic Picture Frame
reverse painted on glass--W W II--art deco metal corners--two flags flank photo opening--at bottom in gold script IN THE SERVICE OF HIS COUNTRY
10" x 12"
$ 176.00
Patriotic Dirigible Shadowbox
early photograph of a derigible and lithograph of derigible hanger and lead toy derigible with embossed lettering U S NAVY LOS ANGELES
12" X 15"
$ 675.00
46 Star Flag
Printed parade flag--46 stars--1908-1912
15" x 22"
$ 550.00
Early WAC Hat
wool felt hat from the Woman's Air Corps WW II--never used
size 21 1/2
$ 80.00
Army-Navy Game
Home made felt pillow with long fringe proclaiming which side you are rooting for
32" square w fringe
$ 150.00
Patriotic Tin Noisemakers
early painted tin noisemakers--probably used at parades-political rallies-Fourth of July celebrations---wooden mouthpieces--priced individually
3/10" and 1/9"
$ 96.00
Patriotic Pillow
a reproduction of a pillow design popular from Victorian days through WW I. embroidered flag and roses with the embroidered legend OLD GLORY in white
19" X 19"
$ 140.00
W W II Nurse Doll Pattern
a pattern for a World War II Nurse Doll in uniform--guide lines for embroidery--#701 Cuddle Doll JBK trademark
14 12" tall
$ 85.00
Japanese Flag
World War II souvenir Japanese flag--silky material--gold paper corners
28" x 40
$ 85.00
Japanese Flag
these flags were often liberated and brought home as sounenirs of W W II by american gi's--this one has two leather corners and appears to be a fine linen-hand hemmed
30" x 32"
$ 160.00
4th. of July Costume
early child's 4th of July costume in gauze cotton. about a size 6
size 6-8
$ 200.00
Peace Flag Pillow
pillow in early ticking with 1960 peace flag patch in center
15" x 15"
$ 125.00
Civil War Album The Union
An album with 60 pages of essays about the Union 1861to 1865 and an LP of patriotic songs of the period by Richard Bles with the National Gallery Orchestra
12 1/2 x 14
$ 100.00
Suffragette Ephemera
framed Suffragette ephemera--a photograph of three men in a car with one pathetic woman who was probably coerced into coming along for the effect--sign on car reads FOR GOD HOME AND STATE VOTE NO--ribbon found with the photo bears the "STEP ON ER" message
12" x 15"
$ 400.00


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