Doll Coat
navy wool with red lining and trim--military-style design
11" long
$ 470.00
Patriotic Doll Dress
red white and blue stripes and an eyelet yoke
9" long
$ 150.00
German Folk Doll
GURA doll with national costume from the region of Ochsenfurth--composition structure--eyes open and close--beautiful braided hair--excellent condition with one small apology--a tiny bit of top coat plaster missing from toe section of one foot--tag attached--
12 1/2"long
$ 166.00
Paper Mache Horse
beautifully painted dapple grey toy horse on original grain painted platform with iron wheels--hair mane and tail--leather harness and saddle and ears
11 1/2" base-11" high
$ 450.00
Humming Top
a humming top with a beautiful sound-- made of sheet metal--wooden handle--paint in wonderful condition--c.1920
10" across top
$ 625.00
Cloth Clown
homemade stuffed cloth clown with painted face, yarn hair, felt shoes and cotton outfit
30" tall
$ 260.00
Wooden Car
homemade wooden car made of 3/4 inch pine--wheels move freely and it is still quite sturdy
15" l x 7 1/2" w x 10 1/2" h
$ 350.00
Pair of Dolls Chairs
red painted doll chairs with yellow stripe seat decoration--paint has aligatored--very sturdy--c. 1920
15" high
$ 435.00
Little Daisy Carpet Sweeper
promotion by Bissel --reads: if this toy gives satisfaction why not buy a full size Bissel at the same place--wooden with hard rubber tires and brush roller underneath
28" long
$ 255.00
Pump Sand Toy
this water pump sand toy feathres little firemen around the base and tank--by Ohio Art--designed by BH K Benjamin
10" tall
$ 235.00
Rocking Horse
Looks like a home-made toy--painted creamy white with red seat and black accents--sweet little horse
23" l x 11" w x 13" h
$ 235.00
Doll Blouse
shirting stripe blouse with lace trim
8" long
$ 38.00
Steiff Llama
wonderful curly wool--has original button and tag--c 1957
10 1/2" h x 8" w
$ 170.00
Amish Doll
early traditional amish doll form
$ 350.00
Educational Letters
a wooden box containing pine letters by the Root Co.--letters appear pristine though the box has some wear--they appear to have never been played with--c. 1930
9" x 17"
$ 190.00
Central European Man Doll
looks Russian or Austrian--beautifully dressed in exquisitely made clothes--pantaloons-blouse-vest-overcoat-high hat-leather boots
14" h
$ 175.00
Little Black Sambo and the Tiger Kitten
62 pages with 29 colored illustrations by the author--c 1935-- published by the PLATT AND MUNK CO INC. NEW YORK
4 1/4" x 5 3/4"
$ 230.00
19th c wooden dolls cradle with robins egg blue painted interior
21" l-15" h-11" w
$ 950.00
Doll Blouse
navy and white homespun with red piping trim--peplum style
10" long
$ 240.00
Doll Cradle
Great dolls cradle with lovely large bonnet top
$ 400.00
Buddy L Truck
almost perfect condition on this c 1950 Buddy L Army Truck with canvass top
20" long
$ 570.00
Childs Swing
Nice early swing with original red paint and ropes--bentwood bacl--delicate form
30" h x 14" w x 10" d
$ 240.00
Home Made Doll
painted wooden arms legs and head--stuffed feed sack printed muslin body--homespun dress
12" long
$ 325.00
1930 Scooter
red Torpedo Scout Scooter made by O'Connor Industries in Detroit, Mi.--wonderful style
23" long--24" high
$ 200.00
Doll Chair
twig, rustic construction with white paint--a real charmer
11" high x 8" wide x 7" deep
$ 325.00
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
early framed donkey from the popular party game--printed on cotton--c. 1916--the perfect gift for your democrat friend--SOLD
23" x 27"
$ 0.00
Butterfly Chase
published in 1869--brown cover with gold embossed circle design having a young boy and girl with their butterfly nets and butterflys--24 illustratioins by Lorenz Frolich translated from the French by P J Stahl
7 1/2" x 10 1/2"
$ 165.00
The Story of Little Black Sambo
PHILADELPHIA. NEW YORK--56 pages each page of text accompanied by a page of colored illustration. Excellent condition
4 1/4" x 5 3/4"
$ 130.00
Chinese Dolls
fabric stuffed Chinese boy and girl--lovely costumes--love his exaggerated topknot
$ 160.01
Rocking Horse Piece
the horse piece from a childs toy rocker great paint sporting a bright red saddle
31" l x 20" h
$ 300.00
Doll Dress
early blue and white shirting stripe--a more elaborate shirtwaist style
18" long
$ 360.00
Doll Dress
red and white plaid with white ruffles at wrist and neck--two pockets and red embroidered trim
12" long
$ 375.00
Punch and Judy Set
an entire Punch and Judy puppet set of 12 puppets, each 16\\\" high--carved wooden heads, arms and legs--original outfits--custom made wooden stands--two puppets missing one foot each
16" tall each
$ 1,850.00
Straw Stuffed Teddy Bear
brown mohair fur, glass eyes, and the traditional hump back--movable head and limbs-- embroidered nose, mouth and claws--lovingly worn fur on back--early 20th c.
15" long
$ 550.00
Rocking Chicken
Rock A Tot--probably from 1940 period--childs seated rocker with the unusual chicken head feature--white, red, and blue paint--disassembles into four pieces and fits together with pegs
31" long 18" h
$ 675.00
Wooden Farm Wagon
homemade farm wagon with detachable ladder at rear--painted grey with black accents and red wheels
23" l x 7" wide
$ 175.00
Toucan Sandpail
unusual eggplant colored background with various exotic birds--by Ohio Art
6 1/4" without handle
$ 165.00
Animal Stories
C 1922-- a selection of stories for children 5-8 years old--57 pages
6 1/2" x 9
$ 45.00
Gulliver in Giantland
a beautifully bound book--gold trimmed with color picture on cover and colored illustrations--dated 1912--96 pages
4 1/2" x 6"
$ 60.00
Steiff Flossy Fish
a nice large Steiff fish in excellent condition with original tag and button tag in fin
11 1/2" long
$ 200.00
World Globe 1957
a beautiful little globe c 1957--excellent condition--rests in a fifties-looking space age shaped wood frame--made by Denoyer-Geppart-Chicago--12 inch globe
14" h x 15 1/2" w
$ 300.00
Tin Litho Dancing Girl
BETTY is a companion to KATINKA--same manufacturer--she has a slight bit more wear but still very nice
8 1/4" h
$ 175.00
Doll Dress
a long dolls dress in a muted pink green and white windowpane plaid
20" long
$ 245.00
Doll Dress
old faded denium this adorable dress sports a small pocket on the front
9" h
$ 80.00
Toy Drum
by Ohio Art--tin litho design of eagles with shields all around--paper drumheads in pretty good shape--no holes--pulling away from edge in a few places but secure--original red white and blue cord
13"diam x 4 1/2" high
$ 125.00
Schoenhut Horse
this nicely painted horse retains its leather saddle, leather ears and string tail--there are metal studs where the bridle once was
7 1/2" h x 10" l
$ 300.00
Rocking Horse
old carved horses body with later legs and runner--nice and sturdy0=--can be used safely
23" h x 33" l
$ 350.00
Rocking Horse Piece
the horse side of a childs riding toy--dapple painted with curly horse hair tail
35" l x 16" h
$ 465.00
Tin Litho Dancing Girl
DANCING KATINKA made by Lindstrom--made in the U S A--patent applied for--she does a lovely little jig when would up--no rustvery tinyamount of wear
81/4" tall
$ 265.00
Childrens Hymn Book
Beginner and Primary Songs for use in Sunday school and home--drawing of teacher and children on cover--c 1915 by Heidleberg Press-Philadelphia--143 pages
5 1/2" x 8"
$ 70.00
Operetta Book for Children
Three Operettas--Bright orange black and green cover printing featuring cats on grey background--by H C Bunner--c 1897--163 pages
8 1/2" x 11 1/4"
$ 75.00
Doll Dress
calico with tiny blue v shaped on white--5 tiny buttons lace trim and pockets
10 1/2" long
$ 330.00
Toy Buggy
red painted wood with thin yellow stripe--wire around sides--a nice 19th c piece--great with a teddy bear
39" long x 9" high
$ 300.00
Mic Mac Doll Cradle
woven by a member of the Mic Mac tribe in Maine--basketmakers--this charming dolls cradle
18" long x 13" high
$ 400.00
Toy Drum
red and grewen toy drum with paper drumheads--message written in ink on drumhead is 12/27/38 Pinkys
6 1/2" diam x 3 1/2" high
$ 85.00
T Cohn Sandpail
cows, pigs, ducks, chickens blowing bubbles on a bright red background--a few interior scratches--no rust--comes with matching shovel
5 1/4" h without handle
$ 145.00
Roy Rogers Horshoe Set
in original box which shows some wear--the actual set h is pristine and has never been used--box bears the Roy Rogers Pledge to Parents attesting to the quality of the toy
box 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"
$ 185.00
Painted Antique Sled
painted a beautiful blue with iron runners--a nice large size
12" w x 49" h
$ 600.00
With Admiral Byrd in Little America
features early photos of Admiral Byrd and the expedition--43 photographs in all--published in 1934--91 pages
6 1/2" x 7"
$ 66.00
Campbells Soup Kid Doll
felt body with felt applique and embroidered face--great clothing from pantaloons to the tam-o-shanter hat
20 1/2" h
$ 90.00
Doll Bed with Linens
a nicely sized home made doll bed complete with ticking matress and pillows
14" w x 18" l x 12" h
$ 145.00
Toy Sewing Machine
Little Mother toy sewing machine--c 1950--nice graphics of a little girl who looks much like I did in the 50s when I had a similar machine
7 1/2" l x 8 1/2" h x 4" d
$ 235.00
Robin Hood Bank
a tin litho English money box--amusing in the Robin Hood design--robbing from the rich to give to the poor
4 1/2" w x 5 3/4" h
$ 135.00
Two Bisque Dolls
both with movable arms and sweet faces--one unclother and one wearing a red swimsuit
both 6 1/2" h
$ 190.00
Baseball Chest Protector
child or youth sized early pqadded chest protector-leather and twill tape suspender back (one part needs a few stitches)--metal spring latch fastener--maker is Mc Gregor
18" x 21"
$ 135.00
Wooden Childs Ironing Board
a woinderful home-made toy--this folding ironing board has a light green painted wooden base--very sturdy
34" long x 18" w
$ 200.00
Pig Sandpail
early nursery rhyme sandpail with silhouetted children and pig--"To market to market to buy a fat pig"--a small bit of scraped red paint on back where wooden grip handle falls--virtually rust free
6 3/4" h
$ 220.00
No. 731D on cover which features Sambo crying--c 1926 Whitman Publishing Company-Racine Wisc. Color pictures by CLara Bell Thurston and black and white illus by Earnest Vetsch--back cover dedication THIS BOOK IS MY OWN Harold Collison December 25 1927--each page illustrated. Cover has come away from book proper. We will leave it up to the buyer to repair or not
4 1/4" x 5 1/2"
$ 300.00
Boy Scout Cantern
canvas covered aluminum canteen with boy scout insignia stamped on front
$ 48.00
Tin Litho Drummer
wind-up drummer soldier by Wolverine--labled #27 Drum Major--mechanism works and he drums when would up--on wooden base
14" high
$ 300.00
Painted Antique Sled
red paint on the seat board with a simple folky rosebud in white with greeen leaves--two black side striped--iron runners
10 1/2" x 36"
$ 350.00
Fishermen Sand Pail
two sailors on a boat reading a how to fish book--by Ohio Art
5" w o handle
$ 75.00
Scuba Diver Sand Pail
by Ohio Art--boy and girl divers finding treasure chest
5" w o handle
$ 95.00
Seahorse Sand Pail
bright red background with colorful tropical fish and seahorse--Ohio Art
6" w o handle
$ 135.00
Roundup Sand Pail
cowgirls and cowboys ride after cattle
7 1/4"
$ 105.00


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