brass on walnut--instrument to measure list of boat--Jin Hang Marine Equipment Co
8" high x 9" wide
$ 235.00
Mast Rings
four mast rings with three copper washers and nails as fasteners--priced individually
9 1/2 diam
$ 80.00
pair of macrame beckets in original green/blue paint
9 1/2" long
$ 550.00
Oyster Flask Bottle
a life-like three-dimensional flask--traces of old paint remain--original metal screw top
6 1/4" long
$ 400.00
Wooden Busk
carved with stylized fish shapes with tails that look like a whales tail
12" l x 1" w
$ 150.00
Shellwork Mirror
loaded with wonderful shells--mirror is slightly dull with age
13" x 16"1
$ 400.00
Shell Frame
with pedistal back still in good condition--no missing shells--a little larger than 3x 5 inches site glass area--a beauty
7 1/2" x 9 1/2"
$ 180.00
Ship Weathervane
sailing ship weathervane in copper--nice weathered patina--custom base
21" x 24"
$ 750.00
Cedar Floats
a group of 10 cedar wood floats on an old rope--each float is six inches long
62" long string
$ 160.00
Oyster Knife
a very unusual oyster knife with teeth on the sides of the steel blade--brass ring separates wooden handle with nice patina
9 1/2" long
$ 150.00
Wooden Busk
carved repeat design looks like the shape of a fid
11 3/4" l x 1 1/8" w
$ 160.00
Sailors Valentine
larger than the usual size for these souvenir valentines--a yacht under sail--several rows of shells
9" diam
$ 400.00
Ship Diorama
four-masted schooner--with wooden sails--painted background and ocean with 3-dimensional waves--oak framed--the bottom is cantilevered out 5 inches
22 1/2" x 31" x 5"
$ 1,800.00
Ship in a Bottle
large three masted ship in a bottle with smaller ship in neck of bottle--larger ship names FROGRENS. SOLD
14 1/2" long
$ 0.00
Ship in a Bottle
large ship in a bottle with two three masted ships in full sail
14 1/2" long
$ 140.00
Sailors Valentine
A sailing ship in full sail with the usual collection of seaweed and shells in the bottom of the scene--bubble glass
6" diameter
$ 400.00
Ship in Bottle
three masted schooner in old Haig bottle
8" long
$ 90.00
Ship in a Bottle
four masted ship in a bottle
11 1/2" long
$ 90.00
Nautical Flag
red white and blue nautical flag with rope and wooden toggle
27" X 42
$ 160.00
She'll work Mirror
vintage c 1930--mirror surrounded by shellacked shells
$ 220.00
Knotwork Bag
sailor made knot ware bag with very intricate knot work
9" x 18"
$ 300.00
Antique Sailors Valentine
a double sailors valentine--KEEP THIS FOR MY SAKE with a photo of a child. intricate shell work with no loose or missing shells--dated April 1921
17" wide opened
$ 900.00


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