Sailor Whirligig
sailor whirligig with original wooden paddles--face painted in black line with a funny v-shaped nose--on wooden stand
18" high
$ 650.00
Penny Rug
early penny rug with quarter inch pennies making the shape of bells--fancy cut felt border--mounted for hanging but lightly basted to mounting and would be easy to remove
20" x 42"
$ 1,700.00
Early Sign
Osterhout and Bedford--Rental Collections and Loans--sign with tombstone shape retains is its original flat paint in grey red and black--black area would serve as a chalk board for the daily offerings--single sided--signed--19th century
61" h x 20" w x 1"
$ 900.00
Cat Tongue Crazy Quilt Rug
the center of this rug is a crazy quilt which bears the signature: Eturneau--mounted on a stretcher
23" x 51"
$ 300.00
Running Horse Sheet Metal Weathervane
beautifully welded sheet metal in the original untouched finish--nice sawtooth detail on the mane
27" at the base--20" high
$ 1,400.00
Fishing Boat
home-made fishing boat with 3 carved figures on the deck--one man is at the ships wheel smoking a little carved pipe--movable tiller--green and white paint--with stand
20 1/2" l x 19" h
$ 1,200.00
Tramp Art frame
almost gives the illusion of a double frame
16" x 22"
$ 400.00
Patrons of Husbandry Working Tools
this set of fraternal order chrome plated metal pieces comes in its velvet lined presentation box--inclkudes a shovel, ax, sicklekmnife, hoe, plow and five pointed star
star is 4 1/2" w x 5" h
$ 350.00
early bread board with grey and black checkerboard game in center--squares are all incised around the edges and border--a double hole has been drilled at the top for hanging==wood has nice patina
1" x 22" x 22
$ 475.00
Dory Model
a very real model of a dory--well executed with internal ribs--old white and kelly green paint--c 1930
29" long x 6 3/4" wide
$ 900.00
Sellers and Bartling Sign
Sellers & Bartling--19th century single sided wooden sign in original flat paint--the flat paint allowed for chalked in additions at bottom--Henry Hanson provided house furnishing and undertaking
24" x 40" x 1" thick
$ 680.00
Indian Clubs
a pair of deep red painted clubs with spaulding/2 lbs imprinted in the wood
18 1/2" long
$ 690.00
Indian Clubs
a pair of orange painted clubs with a stencil of a man playing a racquet sport balanced on a ball
16" long
$ 525.00
Letters N Y
for those lovers of New York--wooden gilt letters--very handsome
9" x 9"
$ 475.00
Junior Order United American Mechanics
made of painted sheet metal with a wooden base--a bank perhaps for raising money for a new lodge building--signed and dated: constructed by Paul Fischer March 29 1937 names of the commision of ways and means members on bottom--Jr O U A M-Butler 93-Fort Hamilton D of A 109
11" h 8 1/2" x 8 1/2"
$ 600.00
Nebraska Hog Farm Sign
a great early solid wooden one-sided sign with 3/4 inch frame--reads: purebred hogs-spotted-poland-china-charles k. harding-pawnee city-nebr.----4 digit phone number painted out but faintly visable--original black and white paint
23 1/2" x 49"
$ 500.00
Early Stable Sign
black sand painted background--gold lettering--excellent condition--double sided--2 hanging hooks at the top reads J W Merrill--Boarding--House--Feed--Stable
40" wide x 28 1/2" h
$ 1,800.00
Boxes Sign
double sided hand painted tin sign reads: BOXES 25 cents
71/2" x 18"
$ 255.00
Oddfellow Lodge
brass trivet with symbol of the Oddfellows fraternal organization--three rings-clasped hands-all seeing eye-IOOF--framed in a horshoe
6" h x 4 3/4" w
$ 80.00
House Bank
19th c house bank--painted tin with scrafitto windows and doors--money slot at peak on top--roof lifts
6 1/2" long x 4" h
$ 275.00
Whistle Toy Shop Sign
welded sheet metal three-dimensional whistle--painted white and maroon--brass hanging ring--probably trade sign for toy store
16" long x 6" wide
$ 2,100.00
Game Boards
a wonderful inlaid game board with the checker squares raised and an intricate design of tiny squares framing the checkerboard-raised edges framing the whole
11 1/2" x 11 1/2"
$ 750.00
Moccasins Sign
single sided white painted sign with black lettering and scrolled edge
9 1/2" h x 25" l
$ 225.00
Metal Jockey Hat
brightly painted metal jockey cap--perhaps from a tack store display or sign
6"h x 9" l
$ 325.00
Wooden Factory Wheel
a three dimensional wooden wheel from an old factory
16" diam x 5" deep
$ 90.00
Victorian Squirrel Cage
wonderful example of one of these squirrel cages--all wooden with revolving wire barrel and wire handle
21" long
$ 140.00
Checker Board
traditional colors--American checkerboard--old stable crack two thirds across the top half
11" x 14 1/2" x 1"
$ 325.00
Carved Marble Lamb
a more weathered lying -down marble lamb--iron bolts on bottom where the lamb was attached to amother piece of marble in the past--softly weathered features
8" l x 3 1/2" w base--3 1/2" h
$ 500.00
Masonic Interest Magic Lantern
a beauty--trimmed in chrome--needs rewiring but retains the original incandescent bulb--manufactured by the MC LILLEY COColumbus Ohio--has 24 wooden framed slides of Masonic ritual content
21" x 9" x 14"h
$ 950.00
Salesmans Sampole Swing
a beautifully detailed double swing sample--old red and blue paint--great piece of folk art
15" d x 28" l x 25" h
$ 600.00
Fabulous Bird House
a wonderfully constructed home-made very large birdhouse with lots of window detail carved column and stairs--metal tray in bottom--a wonderful piece of folk art if you do not have a parrot
28" w x 24" h x15" deep
$ 1,500.00
Sawhorse Blockade
early green painted sawhorses black painted letters MAJORS CEMENT--these open like sawhorses to block the path to the newly poured cement---all original paint
42" h c 17" base
$ 650.00
Old Farm Sign
homemade farm sign painted on an old wooden crate piece--stake attached to back reads--BUTTER-CREAM
11" tall x 13" wide without stake
$ 150.00
Black Doll
Knitted black doll with a jaunty look--he is wearing stripped pants and a striped t shirt and a jaunty red hat--his legs and arms are bendable and he looks great perched on a dolls chair
21" long
$ 330.00
Jam and Jelly Sign
Black paint stencilled lettering--on the diagonal HOME MADE--straight line JAMS AND JELLIES--double si
1 1/3 feet long
$ 150.00
Oddfellow Lodge
horseshoe shaped trivet with eagle perched on top--red white and blue painted iron--all seeing eye with stars underneath-FLT in three ring chain-clasped hands and IOOF at bottom
7" h x 4" w
$ 110.00
Dew Worms
Old bait sign for Dew Worms--white paint background--black painted incised letters
7 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 3/4"
$ 200.00
Horse Weathervane
painted wooden running horse weathervane--horse has spotted coat
24" long X 18" high X 1 1/2" width of wood
$ 600.00
Vintage Rabbit Sign
DRAWF BUNNIES FOR SALE--double sided sign--c 1970-1980
36" x 16
$ 320.00
Witch Whirligig
very weathered original paint--unusual because most of yhese whirligigs have been repainted at one time after being outside--she flies on a an antique cast iron stand--by Nantucketer Lincoln Ceely
33" high
$ 1,000.00
Tramp Art Frame
With spaces for six pictures. Almost gothic steeple looking. A close match to another frame on the site.--SOLD
13 1/2" x 16 1/2"
$ 0.00
Game Board
this board has a yellow background over-painted with comb lines in deeper gold and black--wood strips at ends of checkers and frames--old age crack lower third of board
27 1/2" x 17 1/2"
$ 900.00
Milk Sign
arched two part sign connected at middle--GOOD MILK SHOULD TASTE LIKE MORE on one side--MILK FLAVOR PROGRAM CONVERS N H on back
92" l acrocss bottom 4 1/2" w
$ 525.00
Tramp Art Frame
double tramp art frame--six layers in corners
10" x 14"
$ 340.00
Popeyes Whirligig
home made whirligig from pine wood not plywood
13" high
$ 300.00
No Smoking Sign
8" x 12"
$ 150.00
Antique Puppets
a set of seven intricately dressed puppets--carved and painted wooden heads and hands and lower legs and feet--custom iron display stand
17"-18" tall
$ 1,100.00
Antique Masonic or Lodge Banner
hand painted fraternal banner on heavy I bleached cotton
40" X 44"
$ 300.00
Duncans Lone Star State Sign
navy blue and white on sheet metal--single sided
12" X 18"
$ 160.00
Ammo Sign
hand painted on tin--single sided
11 1/2" X 23"
$ 180.00
Model Boat
wooden hull--original sails--detailed rigging and deck
26" h X 21" l
$ 950.00
Chalkware poodle
early chalk ware poodle on pedestal--small chips at base right hand corner--otherwise perfect--traces of brown paint on ruff and head
8 1/2" h X 6" w
$ 140.00
Chalkware Spaniel
nice early chalk ware spaniel. --small chips at lower left front base only apology
8 1/2" h X 5 1/2" w
$ 160.00
Chalkware Cat
some paint on eyes ears mouth and claws--excellent condition
5 1/4" h X 5" w
$ 120.00
OLd Dance Hall Cards
three double-sized dance hall card signs--hand painted on composition board --FOX TROT and INTERMISSION--CONTRA and GOOD NIGHT-WALTZ and ONE STEP
9" x 17"
$ 200.00
Tole Gameboard
an early tole English candy tin which opens up to become a checkerboard--great colors
13" x 13"
$ 260.00
a wooden yard ornament in green and white
16" high
$ 90.00
Tramp Art Frame
large ship carved tramp art frame
16" x 22"
$ 480.00
Tramp Art Frame
tramp art frame with original old glass
10" x 12 1/2"
$ 260.00
Candy Sign
HAND MADE CANDY sign stenciled on what appears to be top board from an old red sled
9" x 18"
$ 180.00
Bird House Sign
black paint on white board--BIRD HOUSES AND FEEDERS--double sided
12" x 14"
$ 150.00
Sailor Whirligig
sailor part from old whirligig
12 1/2" h
$ 200.00
Wooden Horse
an early carved wooden horse in original paint and horsehair tail--there is a hole through the neck where there was once some sort of piece-perhaps a handle though the piece is too small to have been a riding toy
19" long x 20" high
$ 1,200.00
Old Restaurnt Sign
BREAKFAST 25 CENTS--double sided painted tin sign with heavy wood frame--great graphics and paint-- would be fabulous in a kitchen
8'4"h x 2'4"w
$ 2,000.00
Antique Sign
THREE ELMS--CABINS and ROOMS--double sided white lettering and trim and a lovely blue paint--interesting shape--two old hooks at top
41" x 9 1/2" x 3/4"
$ 800.00
Early Mask
very well-made early mask--face is fine copper screening which allows for contouring of nose and cheekbones--horsehair hair beard mustache and eyebrows--painted lips teethand eyes--horsehair sewn to cotton scalp
9" long face
$ 180.00
Fox and Geese
hardwood Fox and Geese gameboard with scribed and colored lines
9" diam
$ 200.00
Tin Basket
woven tin presentation basket to celebrate tin anniversary--ten years
12'" h x 8" w x 4" d
$ 160.00


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