Beaded Basket
a wonderfully creative piece of folk art--safety pins and red and clear beads
10" h with handle
$ 90.00
Beaded Basket
red and clear beads fashioned into a basket with 1 and 1/2 inch safely pins
11" t with handle
$ 85.00
Beaded Wall Pocket Whimsey
white-green-blue-black-yellow-amberpink-rose red beads form double butterfly design on pockets--four looped fringes at bottom
6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h
$ 300.00
Beaded Good Luck Souvenir
turquoise-white bronze and clear beads--beaded along edge or horse shoe with beaded looped fringe at bottom--on camel colored cloth
6 1/2" w x 9" l
$ 200.00
Beaded Wall Whimsey
spectacular beaded wall whimsey with double american flags and dated 1930--bird at top--salmon fabric background--five looped fringes--a real beauty--
8" w x 10" h
$ 380.00
Beaded Wall Pocket Whimsey
white and bronze colored beads on a camel tan fabric background--dated at bottom in beadwork--1910
8" w x 9" h
$ 325.00
Beaded Boot
large size--beads on camel colored velvet--some early sequins which have oxidized--bead colors are turquoise-green-pink-blue-silver-yellow-salmon and clear--large quantity of tube beads----polished cotton back has a 4 inch tear but cotton batting stuffing--SOLD
13" tall
$ 0.00
Beaded Boot
bright pink wool under the wonderfully beaded design--crossed American flags over flowers with nice beaded fringe--red polished cotton back
9 1/4" with fringe
$ 475.00
Beaded Boot
shrimp colored babric under beading has worn thin in parts but does cover the whole boot form and is stable--rust colored polished cotton on back--styalized squirrel perches on branch with leaves--flowers at top
6 3/4" with fringe
$ 225.00
Beaded Boot
my favorite of the four boots--all silver and clear beads but they are very effective against the bright red wool twill--two wonderful birds in different poses on branches--camel colored polished cotton on back--near perfect condition--SOLD
9" high
$ 0.00
Iriquois Bird Whimsie
faded pink fabric--deep pink--three beaded balls hang from wooden fabric covered trapeze--dated under tail in beadwork-1902
8" long
$ 340.00
Iriquois Bird Whinsey
pale pink fabric with with bluish-grey and deep red beads--two beaded balls with swagged beads are held in birds mouth and three beaded balls hang from trapeze at feet--embroidered BIRD in multicolor beads under tail
7" long
$ 340.00
Iriquois Bird Whimsey
camel colored cloth background with navy blue- beads--dated under tail in red beads 1903 turquoise-clear
8 1/2" long
$ 300.00
Beaded Slipper
clear beads on a background of old blue brocade-like fabric--styalized flower at top--cross at bottom
7" high
$ 250.00
Beaded Native American Frame
bright pink background--clear-white-gold-pink beads--raised rosette at top and bottom--dated 1909--SOLD
10" h x 6" w
$ 0.00
Beaded Picture Frame
red white and blue beads on tan and red cloth background--SOLD
9" long
$ 0.00
Native American Beaded Frame
double picture frame--tan cloth and red velvet background--red-yellow-green-blue-pink-black and clear beads--five looped fringes--SOLD
9" w x 10" high
$ 0.00
Beaded Whimsey Picture Frame
salmon pink background--five loop beaded tassels at bottom--two heaving beaded side tassels--raised beaded rosettes top and bottom corners--styalized beaded leaves--SOLD
8" w x 13" h
$ 0.00


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