Celluloid Santa
celluloid santa sitting on his sled holding a green sack of toys--stmped Japan on bottom--excellent condition
6 1/2" long
$ 75.00
Christmas Raggedy Ann
by Playskool c 1988--she wears a candy cane patterned dress and an apron with a Christmas tree on the pocket
17" long
$ 45.00
Tin Sparking Toy
marked MADE IN JAPAN this charming Christmas toy shows sparks behind window and Santa popping out of the chimney when the thumb piece is depressed--two children watch from the bottom--SOLD
$ 95.00
Die Cut Christmas Decoration
die cut Christmas scene with family walking to home under arched message MERRY CHRISTMAS--snow on roof and lettering highlighted with glitter stamped FOREIGN on back--parts of scene embossed giving a three dimensional quality to the piece
10" h x 13"
$ 105.00
A Child at the Christmas Party
a framed page from a 1920 edition of the Ladies Home Journal featuring eight elaborate Christmas costumes to make for a childs Christmas party--illustrated by Jessee Gillespie--directions were for crepe paper applied to a cotton shift form--framed
15" x 19"
$ 140.00
Why the Chimes Rang
by Raymond MacDonald Alden--beautiful blue binding under original dust jacket--146 pages--c 1945
7" x 9 1/2"
$ 50.00
Christmas Folk Art
painted Christmas scene with raised plaster figures was made as a backdrop nfor a Christmas puppet show --signed Brevoort 1984--a bas relief Santa sits on a log with a bunny, a glittery Christmas tree and an angel--background is painted--SOLD
20" x 26"
$ 0.00
Triple Santa Mold
this heavy weight chocolate mold features three traditional Santas--four attached clips--two support bands
9" x 12"
$ 500.00
Tree Stand
oh I remember a stand like this from the forties when I was a girl--painted red and green--fluted red cup and three screws to attach trunk--S B Manufacturing Co--Milwaukee-Patd on bottom
14" wide base of stand
$ 34.00
Christmas Tree Stand
cast iron--green painted--numbers 9593 on bottom of cup--three legs and three screws to hold the tree in place
16" between legs
$ 48.00
Russian Santa or St Nicholas
a wonderful cotton batted and paper mache Russian Father Christmas figure--molded painted face--paper label in Russian on bottom
16 1/2" h
$ 240.00
Kugel Ornament
Royal Blue Kugel
10 3/4
$ 160.00
Victorian Christmas Cards
a pair of Victorian Christmas cards with 3 dimensonal flowers--shadowboxed matted in very nice frame--message on both is A MERRY CHRISTMAS
9 3/4" x 13"
$ 160.00
Kugel Ornament
slightly lighter shade of royal blue than other blue Kugel listed
11" circum
$ 165.00
Kugel Ornament
deep rich royal blue
12 1/4" circum
$ 250.00
Paper House Village
A--a group of fifteen paper house Christmas decorations from the fifties
6 1/2" X 4" X 4 1/2" largest house
$ 220.00
paper house village
B--a group of sixteen paper Christmas decoration houses from the fifties--decorated with glitter snow
6" X 3 1/2" X 5" largest house
$ 220.00
Quilt Christmas Stocking
Christmas stocking made from a piece of an old quilt and chenille backing
12" long
$ 64.00
Quilted Christmas Stocking
made from a piece of an old quilt
16" long
$ 65.00
Christmas Stocking Quilt
Christmas stocking made from old quilt in oak leaf pattern with chenille back
$ 64.00
Putz Houses
4 puts paper houses with paper mache scrim--from Germany
$ 90.00
Vintage Cookie Tin
all over Pointsetta design--excellent condition--no dents or dings
9" X 2"
$ 30.00
Vintage Candy Tin
Santa Claus and bunches of holly. SATIN SWEET--excellent condition
8 1/4" X 2"
$ 36.00
Christmas Cookie Tin
HOLIDAY GREETINGS FROM MISS SUNBEAM--a picture of Miss Sunbeam inside the wreath--looks the right size for a fruitcake
3" X 8 1/2"
$ 50.00
New Years Noisemakers
pan style with wooden strikers--a very sexy lady sitting on a cherry in a cocktail glass--a pair
8 1/4" long
$ 70.00
New Years Noisemakers
tin litho ratchet style noisemakers--a pair
4 1/2" long
$ 40.00
New Years Eve Noisemakers
tin litho pan type noisemaker with wooden strikers features man in lederhosen and rattle style with four clown heads and wooden handle
pan 8 1/4" long rattle 4 bottom diam
$ 60.00
New Years Noisemakers
two ratchet style tin litho noisemakers-- the larger one is by Kirchhoff the smaller by U S Metal Toy--the pair
6" and 4 1/2"
$ 60.00
New Years EVe Noisemakers
three tin litho tambourines--two by Kirchhoff and one by US Metal Toy--set of three
7" diam
$ 110.00
New Years Noisemaker
tin litho horn by Kirchhoff-makes a whizzing sound-couples dancing
5 1/2" h
$ 42.00
New Years Noisemaker
tall tin lith horn by US Metal Toy--a big band along the bottom and couples dancing up sides of horn
15" h
$ 46.00
New Years Eve Noisemakers
two rounder rattle type by Life of the Party and Kirchhoff and one barrel shaped by Life of the Party-- wooden handles--set of three
barrel 3 1/2" h rattles 3" and 4" diam
$ 80.00
New Years Eve Noisemaker
ratchet type tin litho noisemaker by US metal Toy
5 1/2"
$ 25.00
Quilt Christmas stocking
stocking made from a piece of an old patchwork quilt
16" long
$ 70.00
Christmas Tree Candle Holders
eleven tin Chez candle holders for Christmas tree
1 3/4" l
$ 30.00
Snowman Candy Container
Inside CONTAINER MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY-- covered with coils of white pipe cleaners and a sandy surface black top hat
8" high
$ 300.00


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