Double Handled Basket
bump bottom--wound double handles--perfect condition--delicate weavers
7" diam x 4 1/2" h w o handles
$ 90.00
Sweetgrass Basket
sweet grass and read basket woven around a vase-shaped glass--two side handles
5 1/2" tall
$ 145.00
Sweet Grass Basket
small sweet grass basket with round opening in center of lid
3 3/4" diam x 2 1/4" h
$ 80.00
Sweet Grass Basket
unusual very tall loop handle on this basket--bow shaped piece where handle meets body of basket
11" tall
$ 120.00
Delicate Splint Basket
very thin delicate weavers and ears--beautiful patina--two inconspicuous breaks in thin weavers
12 1/2" w x 6 1/2" h
$ 135.00
Swing Handled Berry Basket
sweet unlidded berry basket in perfect condition--no bottom corner wear--probably Cherokee
8" w x 10" tall with handle
$ 88.00
Painted Berry Basket
black painted berry basket with lid--in excellent condition--handle strongly attached--no broken weavers--push-up bottom
8 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h
$ 570.00
Sweet Grass Basket
braided sweet grass handle and basket sections combined with blue-green vegetable dyed weavers-- circular opening at center of lid
7" tall
$ 120.00
Sweet Grass Basket
woven covered round basket with braided sweet grass embellishments
4 1/2" diam x 2 1/4" h
$ 100.00
Sweet grass Basket
round covered sweet grass basket with loop at center of top cover--beautiful patina
5" diam
$ 110.00
Huge Basket
nice sturdy farm work basket perfect for holding firewood-- painted initials on rim H A P--sold
28" diam x 19" h
$ 0.00
Tall Open Basket
almost the shape of a wastebasket, this splint basket has black painted letters W G H WIRE atound the center--perfect condition--i was told it was an apple picking basket--from Maine
14" h x 14" wide at top
$ 145.00
Coiled Basket
large coiled basket--beautiful shape--one small split in wrap at base
10" h x 14" across top
$ 135.00
Coiled Basket
early Pennsylvania rye coiled basket--very dark patina--a collectors piece--perfect condition
3" h x 8" across top
$ 225.00
Round Bottom Basket
early rounded bottom basket with two ears--excellent condition with no damage--wonderful patina
12" tall x 12"
$ 260.00
Splint Gathering Basket
a nice sized gathering or market basket--absolutely no damage--sturdy and strong--nice patina
13" to handle top x 14" diam
$ 240.00
wall basket
hickory splint wall basket--excellent condition
15 1/2" l x 14" h x 8" w
$ 240.00
sweetgrass Basket
a square sweetgrass basket--one loop at to--two loops in front--old silk lining in bottom
6" x 6" x2"
$ 135.00
Maine Indian Basket
excellent condition--one loop at side--never had a second loop--blue vegetable dye decorative weaver
10" diam at top x 4 1/2" h
$ 150.00
Basket White Paint
traces of old white paint on this great old market basket--no broken weavers and corners in good condition
21" l x 13" w x 14" h with handle
$ 325.00
Sweetgras Basket
small beautifully designed and made vegetable dyed basket
3 1/2" diam x 2 1/4" h
$ 100.00
Sweetgras and Woven Basket
the underside has the original unfaded rose color splints-sweetgras braided detail
5 1/2" diam x 3" h
$ 100.00
ANtique Extra Long Basket
fabulous long basket in excellent condition--unusual construction has two long strips of pine down the top of the lid for stability
10" h x 13" d x 52" l
$ 560.00
Gathering Basket
heavy duty gathering basket with wooden slat reinforced bottom and wire handle
18" x 12 1/2" x 10
$ 140.00
Antique Wooden Basket
the construction of this wooden basket is very interesting--the many wood pieces are strung together with a heavy wire
22" x 13" x 8"
$ 460.00
AMmunition Basket
ammunition basket with canvass handles at each end and paper tax reading TASCHENLATERNEN ZUS LEGBARE
23" x 8" x 8"
$ 170.00


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