Herb Drying Ladder
beautifully made and could be re-purposed as a support for a plant
$ 240.00
Corn Dryer
iron 10 prong corn cob dryer
17" long
$ 96.00
Bee Smoker
tin with green faux crocodile bellows--manufactured by the A I Root Co--Medina Ohio--this information printed on the wooden side of the box
$ 160.00
Mushroom Gathering Basket
english--cane goes through the center of the basket which is painted early robins egg blue--could be used for cut flowers
32" tall
$ 250.00
Pruning Toll
early English garden pruning tool--steel with beautiful patina--elegantly shaped cutting blade
15 1/2" long
$ 190.00
Antique Corn Seeder
an early hand corn seeder in old yellow paint
31" long
$ 320.00
Garden Crow
cast in cement this black painted crow sits on a log--he would make a great garden ornament--SOLD
9" high x 9" deep
$ 0.00
Poisonous Fungi Lithograph
a companion piece to the edible fungi--chromolithograph--three varieties--c 1880-1900
9 1/4" x 11 1/2"
$ 220.00
Clay Mule
English gardening tool to loosen packed clay earth--very unusual--wooden handle--iron blade
40" long
$ 235.00
Root Lifter
two pronged iron root lifter with a sturdy wooden handle--English--initials: H J on handle
28" long
$ 235.00
Edging Knife
An early English iron edging spade with wooden handle--nice large blade
35" long
$ 170.00
Wooden Cigar Mold
double sided wooden cigar mold--handsomeme piece
10" long x 4" w
$ 230.00
Grass Shears
Grey painted grass hand shears--spring action
13" long
$ 38.00
Grass Shears
spring action hand grass shears by the Bishops S H Company--St. Louis
13" long
$ 75.00
Garden Sprinkler
Cooper Stewart Ram King revolving garden sprinkler--silvery blue paint on base--orange arms--brass sprinkler heads
8" w x 6 " h
$ 230.00
Carved Bird
yellow and black painted bird--identified on bottom as a Regent Bower Bird--signed by Miss Ellis
11" h
$ 190.00
Row Marker
English vegetable garden row marker--iron--original twine still intact
22" long
$ 170.00
Tin Hose Sprinkler
homemade soldered tin hose sprayer in rectangular box shape
12" long
$ 70.00
Childs Gardening Boots
a pair of small, childs English rubber gardening boots--front laces--made by the Minor Rubber Co Ltd
6" long
$ 160.00
Syringe Rose Sprayer
Coopers Garden Syringe--brass English rose sprayer--extends from 21 inches to 35 inches--wooden handle
21" to 35"
$ 160.00
English Garden Syringe
WPalmer-Brighton English rose syringe sprayer
$ 250.00
English Rose SPrayer
W T French and son Mysto garden syringe sprayer--brass with wooden handle
20" x 35"
$ 100.00
Garden Shovel
youth sized gardening shovel--not a toy--well made--traces of red paint on blade
31" long
$ 70.00
Gardening Book Set
three volumes of the Popular Encyclopedia of Gardening--with dust jackets--British--1920
3 volumes
$ 120.00
Victorian Gardening Collage
wonderfully colorful chromolithographed fruit and vegetables appear in this collage on a background of scalloped oilcloth
17" x 20"
$ 200.00
Squirrel Cage
homemade cage--mostly wood with tin reinforced parts and wire bars--excellent clean condition
21" long x 13" high
$ 156.00
Metal Grain Bin
galvanized metal bin with rope pull--oval brass plaque on front reads SOLD BY JOSEPH BECK AND SONS-BOSTON MA--would make a great planter
17" l x 7" h x 8" d
$ 160.00
Blue Painted Animal Yoke
a wonderful example with beautiful blue paint--iron ring affixed to top with an iron stake--from Pennsylvania--mid 19th c
31" long x 17" high
$ 360.00
Wood Berry Baskets
great find for gift giving your garden strawberries or blueberries--set of ten in great condition--SOLD
2 1/2" h x 5" w x 8 1/4 l
$ 0.00
Antique Potato Sign
double sided sign on board--POTATOES on one side and OPEN APRIL on the other--red painted letters on white background
5 1/2" h x 36" l x 3/4" thick
$ 145.00
Crow Clacker
sturdily fashioned in walnut--very LOUD clacker sound produced by the ratcheted wheels--sure to scare away that crow--beautifully made
$ 325.00
Vintage Pumpkins Sign
black stenciled paint spells pumpkins on this double-sided farm sign
9" x 40" x 1"
$ 180.00
Vintage Cider Sign
black stencilled lettes on this old farm sign--double sided but photo shows the side with the less worn lettering
7 1/2" x 276" x 1"
$ 150.00
Corn Dryer
a sturdy dryer aBle to hold a goodly amount of corn--central wooden pole with heavy duty dryer prongs--looks fabulous loaded with small indian corn
37" long
$ 160.00
Garden Tool
an unusual small sheet metal garden tool with a trowel on one end and take at the other
11 1/2" l
$ 94.00
Framed Seed Packets
old Card Seed Company vegetable seed packets--cabbage cauliflower turnip and chicory
9 1/2" x 19"
$ 180.00
ANtique Sickles
three 19th century farm sickles with hand forged blades--each one has s different type of wooden handle--they make a great graphic hanging together
21" w
$ 200.00
Antique Strawberry Sign
double sided strawberry sign with sawtooth edges--dark green background paint with silver lettering
22" x 5 1/2" x 3/4"
$ 320.00
Antique Lawn Sign
PLEASE KEEP OFF THE LAWN--single sided weathered white background with black painted lettering-- looks to have been painted on a piece of wood from an old box as there is some old lettering on the backside
19" x 8" x 1/2"
$ 200.00
Corn Deoy
paper mache corn decoy used by farmers to lure crows to shoot them--made in a two part paper mache mold and hand painted
9 1/2"
$ 125.00


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