Gold Mesh Purse
gold colored mesh evening bag with expanding accordian metal closure and round top--chain handle--lined
5 3/4" tall
$ 210.00
Enameled Mesh Purse
Whiting and David blue enameled purse with sawtooth shape bottomand flower embossed metal frame with chain handle--some of blue enamel paing worn away near top closure
4 3/4" l x 5" h
$ 100.00
Top Hat
Huh Liessem-BonnStodienstrasse 1 in interior--excellent condition--Silky materialsmall head size
6" tall
$ 90.00
Vintage Winter Hat
bright red felt with velvet cording--twisted artfully at the top of the crown--designed and created for Brennans
brim 15 1/2"
$ 70.00
Antique Long Johns
early hand made ladies woolen long johns with cotton lace at the leg hem
28 waist-34" long
$ 168.00
White Metalic Mesh Bag
Whiting and Davis mesh purse with French ivory bamboo-look frame and double chain handle--excellent clean condition
10 1/2" l x 7 1/2" h
$ 175.00
Indigo Child's Shirt
a child\'s shirt made of early indigo dyed cloth
12 1/2" long.
$ 50.00
Beaded Purse
steel-cut beads--perfect condition --bunch of violets and tiny white flowers on both sides--chain handle--interior lining missing
9" long without handle
$ 380.00
Jewelled Fraternal Lodge Costume
this amazing velvet and satin lodge uniform is heavily jewelled throughout the gold design with glass stones--it is in excellent condition missing only a few jewels--there is no fabric damage or fading--it is lined in early ticking stripe--label inside reads-Henderson Company Kalamazoo Mi Military and Society Goods--there is an additional label reading GUARD
42" from neck to hem
$ 350.00
Beaded Purse
drawstring turquoise glass beaded purse with steel-cut beaded and silver balls at end of drawstrings--looped fringe at bottom--no missing beads--lined with satin
9 1/2" long
$ 350.00
Sterling Mesh Purse
the frame on this evening purse is decorated with a bas relief of roses and rosebuds--little silver balls hang from the bottom of the mesh and there is a chain handle--no lining--plated silver
6" l x 7 1/2" h
$ 260.00
Silver Mesh Purse
Whiting and David sil ver colored mesh purse with lovely rhinestone art deco type clip closure
9" long x 5" h
$ 225.00
Silver Mesh Purse
a simple design with bottom fringe and chain handle--lined
8" l x 7" h
$ 150.00
Childs Leather Boots
grat old leather boots with two buckles at the top and a red leather star decoration on the side
8" high
$ 195.00
Laced Corset
wonderful old cotton corset with lace and boning--heavy duty hooks and eyes as well as laces
22" x 11" expandable
$ 150.00
Woolen Berets
wool children's berets from a lycee Francais--14 available prices by the piece-never used
$ 38.00
Ivory Necklace
early pre-ban ivory necklace--very large center bead--each graduated sized bead separated by a very tiny ivory bead instead of the usual knot--ivory screw closure--beautiful unstained color
31" long laid straight
$ 575.00
Childs Sun Bonnet
an early straw and gingham childs sun bonnet frames on natural linen in a shadowbox frame
19" x 24"
$ 340.00
Elegant Linen Childs Dress
natural color linen dress trimmed with a white basket weave linen ruffle-treadle machine and hand sewn--a sophisticated dress for the period
31" long
$ 200.00
royal blue linen cloth and maple staves
16" open
$ 70.00
Boys Sailor Suit
all white have twill-like cotton--by the Gotham Novelty Co-New York
size 5
$ 80.00
Vintage Children's Hats
four vintage straw children\'s hats from the 30-40s
1 baby-3 children's 4-8
$ 130.00
Vintage Straw Hats
three wide brimmed straw hats from the 1930-40s decorated with silk velvets and flowers--MR HENRI and CORALIE labels
$ 160.00
Vintage Boys Knickers
never used pair of old khaki colored boys knickers--brass buttons at waist and bottom of leg--tag still attached Age 8
16" long
$ 70.00
Vintage Boys Knickers
another never used pair of knickers with tag that read size 6--gathered hem--button waist
16" long
$ 70.00
Childs Parasol
beautifully constructed--the ebonized wood shaft folds half way up for storage--the black silk body is banded by fourteen small tucks at the bottom--there is a 4 and a 2 inch split in the silk along a rib but this is still a beautiful piece
shaft 26" long
$ 125.00
Scottish Agate Broach
Celtic knot in two different colors of agate mounted in silver--signed M Rettie and Sons--Aberdeen
1 3/4"
$ 160.00
Woman's Sports Outfit
early woman\'s two- piece sports outfit in heavy olive drab cotton--decorated with white stripes and metal belt-buckle--SOLD
waist 24"
$ 0.00
Child's Dress
hand made of fine linen twill with cotton lace trim on deep sailor collar and pleated front
20" long
$ 158.00
Antique Christening Dress
beautiful condition-- no wear or stains--embroidered eyelet trim and 98 minuscule tucks across dress all the way down
45" l
$ 200.00
Child's Outfit
a vintage two piece boys outfit of old blue and white striped shirting fabric--love these old home-made outfits
shirt 21" long
$ 90.00
Ivory Necklace
delicate ivory necklace with small oval beads
16" opened
$ 140.00
Long Stockings
long cotton stockings in turkey red--no holes
36" long
$ 96.00
Indigo Child's Blouse
made of early indigo dyed cloth--drawstring tie bottom--button front
12 1/2" l
$ 60.00
Ivory Broach
antique ivory broachwith open carved edge and carved rose
1 2/3" x 1 1/2"
$ 95.00
Ivory Broach
antique Victorian ivory broach with lace-like edging and MOTHER carved in delicate script
1 3/4" l
$ 180.00
Ivory Pendant
antique carver ivory pendant with pierced background and a rose
2" h x 1 3/4"
$ 160.00
Ivory Bangle
antique twisted ivory design bracelet
3". d opening
$ 260.00
Vintage Straw Hats
a collection of seven beautifully made and decorated straw hats from the 30-40s--a wonderful collection
largest brim 22"
$ 260.00
Ivory Beads
antique ivory beaded necklace--delicate oval shaped beads--center nine beads graduated in size
18" end to end
$ 130.00
Ivory Beads
very long strand of Victorian flower carved ivory beads
44" long end to end
$ 200.00
Early Pantaloons
a glimpse into days past--these pantaloons have a voluminous amount of fine cotton material in the legs but that must have been the style because the waist is only 25 inches--embroidery at bottom
41" long
$ 90.00
Christening Gown
long cotton Christening gown with fine tucks-lrauching-lovely lace
ro" long
$ 180.00
Early Knickers
an unusual feature has the business end wide open and unstitched for ease of use--lace trimmed-24 inch waist
34" long
$ 48.00
Quaker Bonnet
early Quaker bonnet of simple black bottom with stiffened brim--beautifully made
14" brim to crown sideways
$ 80.00
Early Child's Sunbonnet
brown and white homespun childs sunbonnet--SOLD
17" long
$ 0.00
Child's Sunbonnet
black and white homespun check with straw brim and ruffle
9" long
$ 90.00
Early Fancy Bonnet
made of silky satin and beautifully lines with the same fabric
10" long
$ 70.00
Early Sunbonnet
calico print of leaves and berries--extremely long and stiff brim would completely shade face and long skirt in back would protect the neck
22" long
$ 180.00
Early Bonnet
lovely. faded purple berry vegetable dyed linen sunbonnet--the brim in stiffened with several layers and fancy stitching
15" long
$ 160.00
Long Stockings
heavy cotton women's stockings in beautiful dove blue--excellent condition
33" long
$ 78.00
Red Cross Hat
pin striped red cross nursing cap
11" wide
$ 0.00
Amish Child's Stockings
hand knit black wool with toe and heel pink
$ 80.00


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